Ultra Petronne Interior Supply Corporation is Commited to provide the best ceiling systems in a reasonable price, and services at its best in the market today.


1. Erect Framing for fire related assemblies in accordance with the requirements of listing.
2. Arrange hangers for suspended ceilings to provide support independent of walls, columns, pipes, ducts, and install plumb.
3. Securely attach hangers structure to ensure the development of the full hanger strength.
4. Space hangers [0.60m to 0.61m] on centre and not more than [0.15m] from boundary walls, interruptions and continuity, and changes in direction.
5. Isolate ceiling suspension with hanger isolator at each suspension point.
6. Run Carrying Channels in opposite direction to structural framing members.
7. Space Carrying Channels at [1.20m to 1.22m] centres maximum.
8. Install Furring Channels perpendicular to Carrying Channels [0.60m to 0.61m] on centre maximum and not more than [0.15m] from perimeter. Secure Furring Channels to Carrying Channels with Furring Clips.
9. Secure the framing with metal framing screws. End joints to be staggered and aligned over framing and each end fastened to framing.
10. Install Board sheets across the framing members, i.e. place the long edges of the sheet at right angles to the joist or furring channels.
Petronne Metal Framing is preferred by contractors because of its consistent high quality and availability. The system parts are manufactured from corrosion resistant steel, stocked in a wide range of standard sizes.

Petronne Corporation uses G.I. Metal Rolls and Zingalume for manufacturing light metal framing which is being used for Ceiling and Wall partition. The G.I. Metal Rolls conforms to JIS-G3302. They are made of hot-dipped zinc-coated commercial forming steel.

Minimum yield strength is 250Mpa.
Minimum tensile strength is 330Mpa.
Normal coating class is Z180.
Surface condition is minimized spangle.

The typical chemical composition are as follows:

Carbon 0.04 - 0.07
Phosphorus                                             0.01 - 0.02                                                        
Manganese      0.20 - 0.30
Sulfur 0.01 - 0.02
Silicon 0.1 - 0.02
Aluminum 0.03 - 0.05
Nitrogen 0.001 - 0.004


PRODUCT : P-ZACS SC70 0.400 mm x 1200 mm AZ70 G300
Carbon 0.060 Nickel  0.040
Phosphorus                                             0.010                                                                 Chromium 0.040
Manganese      0.210     Copper 0.050
Sulfur 0.010 Molybdenum                           0.005                         
Silicon 0.019 Titanuim 0.005
Aluminum 0.040 Tin 0.002
Nitrogen 0.0040 Niobium 0.005            
MECHANICAL TEST                                                                COATING MASS g/m2
Thickneess:   0.4mm Totals Triple 83
Yield Stength:   342Mpa  Totals Single 71   
Tensile Strength:   396Mpa                   One Surface           Single          30          
Elongation: Gauge Length               80mm      
Elongation: % 26      
Hardness:   53HR30T      
Bend Test:   Pass      

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