Fiberglass Insulation is made up of light and resilient inorganic glass fibers bonded by non-water soluble and fire retardant thermosetting resin. It provides efficient thermal and acoustical control on the under side of roofs such as metal decking, asbestos-cement roofing and the like. It is also used in interior partition wall assemblies to reduce the amount of airborne sound transmitted through the gypsum partition walls by as much as 10 decibles.

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Types: Regular One-Sided Foil & Two-Sided Foil.

Density: 12kg, 16kg, 32kg

Sizes: 1.2M X 15M X 25mm

           1.2M X 15M X 50mm

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                 Ultra Petronne Interior Supply Corp. is one of the largest manufacturers of light metal frame in the Philippines. Our products include ceiling framing systems, dry wall framing systems, hat-type purlins. We also manufacture roof tiles, decking materials, and roll-up doors.                The company, formerly known as Petronne Trading, was established in September 1994 and started as a retailer...

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